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Beauty Shot is a desktop app that turns your screenshots into masterpieces, so you can create better Social Media content.
It takes just 2 seconds!

 Compatible with  macOSWindows and  Linux.
Beauty Shot usage video

Super fast desktop app

Tired of using online tools plagued with ads? We've got you covered. Beauty Shot is a lightweight & fast desktop app.

Use it to create better content to share on your social networks.

  1. Drag a picture from a folder (or another app)
  2. Drop the picture into Beauty Shot
  3. Prepare your background
  4. Adjust the settings
  5. That's it!, you can now share your image!
Beauty Shot 1.2 now features blur for your background, adding a whole new world of possibilities!

About Beauty Shot

No Subscription

Pay once, keep it forever. You can use Beauty Shot as much as you want, for as long as you want.

30-Day Money Back

If you purchase Beauty Shot and you don't love it, ask for a refund within the first 30 days. No questions asked.


Beauty Shot plays well with your Operating System wether you're on macOS, Windows or Linux.

Works Offline

Beauty Shot works offline. The result image is generated locally, instantly! No network waiting time.

"Love it! it is super easy to use, even for me! 5 stars!"

Beauty Shot has been designed to be dead simple to use. You don't have to follow a 1-week course to master it. Create your first result within a minute, and your results will always look professional.

Share Better Screenshots

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